Monday, May 2, 2016

New Studio Recordings and Setup

I finally have everything set up including a few new pieces of gear, primarily the Focusrite 18i20 which I am using as my primary preamp and recording interface.  I simply cannot say enough positive things about this piece of gear!  I also acquired a Presonus Audiobox for a simple portable studio set up that I used while recording down in the Gulf of Mexico remotely.  I am planning to write about that later. Other additions have been a Gretsch Broadkaster drum set and more gear by Nady, Shure, Alesis and ART.

I have been working with two great and longtime friends Mike Briggs on bass and Forrest Robinson on drums.  Mike and I have been alternating between his studio in NC and mine in Atlanta.  I have primarily been using previously recorded tracks from Forrest from an album we started for our old band OVid.

I am working on two different albums; one acoustic and one electric.  It is funny to me to think that Forrest and I play metal but really have never put out a truly heavy or metal record.  This is in no way intended to slight the punk rock, industrial or hardcore bands I played in such as OVid or Blackheadz or Forrest's work with Delta Deep, etc.  Although the electric record is very eclectic, there are some very heavy moments that I feel truly reflect my true nature as a guitarist.  The acoustic record is more of a reflection of all the solo acoustic gigs I have done to promote my own recordings as well as my interests in Afro-Cuban, Latin and Flamenco.

A majority of the music has been completed and I am planning to add vocals and leads over the next few months.

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