The Rand Experiment

After all this time I am finally getting to put out an album that has been a long time in the making.  I have played everything from Reggae and Gospel to Jazz and Soul to Hip-Hop.  However, my true love has always been Rock n' Roll!  I played in plenty of rock, metal and punk bands but no official recordings exist.

I remember the first time I heard Joe Satriani using the guitar as a lead instead of vocals, it was like I discovered the key to life!  Of course by the time I started playing shows as a teenager it was "taboo" to play anything technical, remotely fast or beyond pentatonic scales and power chords.  Seriously!? The dumbing down began.  So I did not stay true to myself and stopped playing the music I loved dearly.

But like my dad always said; you only fail when you quit.  So I am finally making my first true rock record.  It is featuring some of my good friends Forrest Robinson and Greg Washington on drums and my buddy Mike Briggs on bass.  I'll be producing and Mr. Ty Tabor of King's X fame confirmed his availability to polish everything. Of course I am also playing a good bit of drums, bass and keyboards in addition to guitar and vocals.  But this one is definitely not for the faint of heart 'cause the 100 watt Marshall is going full tilt nice and heavy!  I am really pushing myself and the guys creatively, sonically and technically.  Stay tuned it is going to be happening and out this fall God willing.


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