What greater gift than the blessing to commune with the most high God.

The ancient holy scriptures convey and I wholly believe that complete humans operate in 3 distinct realms.  I believe that we are spirits that possesses a soul (mind, will, emotions) that occupy a physical body.  Throughout life we tend to get so wrapped up in the drama of the physical world that we negate our other realities.  Yet, when we close our eyes we enter the spirit realm of dreams.  Who is to say that the dream world is any less or more real than the physical reality.

Music has always been for me, when I can truly commune with God.  So often I observe music that has absolutely no meaning and is gibberish or  negative, abusive, derogatory and hateful.  I am so often perplexed by this.

I have worked with a multitude of "artists" as a guitarist, bassist, producer, writer and engineer.  So often I recall many of them saying something along the lines of "I want to get a record deal, and get my art out to the world so that I can truly express myself and gain the respect of my peers" blah, blah, blah.  No most often when you are called to play an instrument on a session the vocals have not been recorded yet so we don't know what the song is truly about.  Musicians deal with sound and can conjure a multitude of textures, colors and emotions from the harmonies, melodies and rhythms alone.

It is only later that I hear the final product of some gangsta rap, hate-filled, boastful emotional vortex in the lyrical content.  I have been guilty of expressing everything from heartache to anger in my compositions so I am not passing judgement simply observing.

So earlier today I was playing a solo acoustic guitar piece with the intent of communing with God and most amazing immediately felt his loving presence.  The overwhelming joy and healing bliss cannot truly be expressed with words.  After wiping the tears from my eyes I thought what greater gift than the blessing to commune with the most high God?  My mother used to teach me how much God enjoys hearing our musical expression to him.  It has taken me this long to truly understand what that sentiment means.

4/18/19, 10:10 AM
Pacific Standard Time


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