A Poem for Daniella..2 Leos and Love

Eros, Agape, Phileo, Storge
Love needs no proof
Or Alibi
Love does not turn off and on like a switch but ebbs and flows like water.
Love smolders like embers of coal and burns bright throughout the night
Love does not flicker and wane and leave us cold and wanting
She warms us, lights our path and smites the unsuspecting
Love is blind, selflessly giving her light to guide us on our way
Love binds but never destroys
Even when we run love gives chase
Love can make you forget the biggest indiscretions and faults
Love will teach you to forgive the things you cannot forget
Love is one of our wisest teachers, always preparing our next lesson
Love heals anyone that possesses her
Love can save us if we let her
REAL Love never leaves us

Photo by Francois de Halleux Copyright 2006


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