The Day I Learned How To Forgive Pt. 2

Forgiveness lives in the soul.  The ancient holy texts define the soul as our mind, will and emotions.  Our mind encompasses our conscious awareness and thought.  Our will meaning our ability to choose.  Lastly, our emotions which are our feelings and heart.   There are almost always exceptions but the way we feel about something is usually based on our experiences and information.  This allows us to make exercise our ability using our minds to make a choice. Why does someone hate or have anger toward something or someone?  It is very often based on some harm experienced whether actual or perceived.  Sometimes it is based on information that they have received whether it is accurate or false, a truth or a lie.  Sometimes one may have received partial information and not the whole.   How do we forgive someone that has harmed us?  I believe that the first step is admitting that we harbor negative feelings about or toward something or someone.  Once we do this the true battle begins.  For

The Day I Learned How To Forgive Pt. 1; Hoʻoponopono, Prayer and Truth

Each and every one of us is on a journey.  When fully actualized, we exist on the levels of the physical body, soul and spirit.  Being able to recognize and exercise spiritual discernment is integral to our development and growth during this life and eternally. It was my then very young daughter that first innocently, honestly and directly pointed out the spirit and  flaw of unforgiveness in me.  I had unknowingly suffered from post trauma stress where I would frequently if not daily relive traumatic past events in my life.  There were a lot of them.   It took several more years to truly begin to live by, embrace the concept and free myself from the pain others have caused me and that I even inadvertently caused others.  The cure is very simple; release it.  Release all of it.  Release your oppressor and yourself.   1. I am sorry 2. Please forgive me 3. Thank you 4. I love you It wasn't the first time I heard the words of forgiveness but the first time I lived them.  Several years

The Oppressed are the Chosen People

"  Blessed  are  the meek, For they shall inherit the earth."  Yeshua The slave will always eventually become the master.  The rich will eventually become the poor and the poor will eventually become the rich.  The most high God fights for the underdog.   Righteousness is living in truth and love.  The homeless man that you just passed by lying on the sidewalk;  how did you see him?  Did you help him, pray for him, feel empathy or did you judge him and blame him for his circumstance?  Did you feel a connection to him and realize how blessed you are to not be him or did you turn your nose up and think that you want to get as far away from that lazy bum as possible?   Your answer determines who you are, who you represent and what side you are on.  The most high God fights for the righteous because they are righteous in him.   Imagine the day when that homeless man or his children becomes your landlord, boss, master, governor, president and image of your God.   -Shalom

The Present Moment

To paraphrase an old saying; "If you live in the past you will be depressed.  If you live in the future, you will be anxious".  My favorite who always has some slick way to speak the truth 100% of the time, the one and only Yeshua said "Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about its own things. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble".   A wise man once greeted me during a chance encounter stating that he felt fantastic.  He said that he may have some problems to deal with next week and there were several problems that had already occurred but, at this moment he was fantastic. I don't always succeed when I reflect on the past to avoid making mistakes in the future.  Interestingly enough I came unto the understanding that whenever I become physically ill, depressed, anxious, frustrated, etc I am out of balance.  I am holding on to something that happened or worried about something that has not yet occurred.   "Can any  one  of you

Where the Wind Blows

I walk these streets a thousand miles But still I can't find my way home We march in line for nothing Searching for a reason to be We're running around in circles But I know you won't forsake me I don't know where to go I don't know where the wind blows Lord I know you'll lead me home To the place where the wind blows I'm looking for an answer to a question I don't know how to ask Searching high searching low We traveled too far to turn back From the mountains to the sea Even alone you were with me There's a hole in my heart Seems the end is the same as the start I don't know where to go I don't know where the wind blows Lord I know you'll lead me home To the place where the wind blows

A Poem for Daniella..2 Leos and Love

Eros, Agape, Phileo, Storge Love needs no proof Excuse Or Alibi Love does not turn off and on like a switch but ebbs and flows like water. Love smolders like embers of coal and burns bright throughout the night Love does not flicker and wane and leave us cold and wanting She warms us, lights our path and smites the unsuspecting Love is blind, selflessly giving her light to guide us on our way Love binds but never destroys Even when we run love gives chase Love can make you forget the biggest indiscretions and faults Love will teach you to forgive the things you cannot forget Love is one of our wisest teachers, always preparing our next lesson Love heals anyone that possesses her Love can save us if we let her REAL Love never leaves us Photo by Francois de Halleux Copyright 2006

The Oneness of Love - Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh

As I sat in nature marveling at it's perfection Balance and harmony in the one song universe I know you are love and love is you Isn't it strange how often we fear to express our love? The source that heals our souls The earth below and the sky above It is you that I call to comfort me when fear is at my door You hear our cries our voice is heard Every tear that dropped and every word