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Where the Wind Blows

I walk these streets a thousand miles
But still I can't find my way home
We march in line for nothing
Searching for a reason to be
We're running around in circles
But I know you won't forsake me

I don't know where to go
I don't know where the wind blows
Lord I know you'll lead me home
To the place where the wind blows

I'm looking for an answer to a question
I don't know how to ask
Searching high searching low
We traveled too far to turn back
From the mountains to the sea
Even alone you were with me
There's a hole in my heart
Seems the end is the same as the start

I don't know where to go
I don't know where the wind blows
Lord I know you'll lead me home
To the place where the wind blows

A Poem for Daniella..2 Leos and Love

Eros, Agape, Phileo, Storge
Love needs no proof
Or Alibi
Love does not turn off and on like a switch but ebbs and flows like water.
Love smolders like embers of coal and burns bright throughout the night
Love does not flicker and wane and leave us cold and wanting
She warms us, lights our path and smites the unsuspecting
Love is blind, selflessly giving her light to guide us on our way
Love binds but never destroys
Even when we run love gives chase
Love can make you forget the biggest indiscretions and faults
Love will teach you to forgive the things you cannot forget
Love is one of our wisest teachers, always preparing our next lesson
Love heals anyone that possesses her
Love can save us if we let her
REAL Love never leaves us


Photo by Francois de Halleux Copyright 2006

The Oneness of Love - Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh

As I sat in nature marveling at it's perfection
Balance and harmony in the one song universe
I know you are love and love is you
Isn't it strange how often we fear to express our love?
The source that heals our souls
The earth below and the sky above
It is you that I call to comfort me when fear is at my door
You hear our cries our voice is heard
Every tear that dropped and every word

What greater gift than the blessing to commune with the most high God.

The ancient holy scriptures convey and I wholly believe that complete humans operate in 3 distinct realms.  I believe that we are spirits that possesses a soul (mind, will, emotions) that occupy a physical body.  Throughout life we tend to get so wrapped up in the drama of the physical world that we negate our other realities.  Yet, when we close our eyes we enter the spirit realm of dreams.  Who is to say that the dream world is any less or more real than the physical reality. 

Music has always been for me, when I can truly commune with God.  So often I observe music that has absolutely no meaning and is gibberish or  negative, abusive, derogatory and hateful.  I am so often perplexed by this.

I have worked a multitude of artists as a guitarist, bassist, producer, writer and engineer.  So often I recall many of them saying something along the lines of "I want to get a record deal, and get my art out to the world so that I can truly express myself and gain the respect of my peers…