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The Truth, God, One, Unity

For the record I "figured" it out on 10/12/2016 at 4:07AM.

Imagine everything that you ever truly hated and despised about everything and everyone at all times.  Everything you have ever hated about religion, the world, God, men, women, children, racists, politics, cultures, countries, people; everything.  Take those thoughts, feelings, emotions, concepts, however you experience this so called reality.  Each and every one of those problems is "God".  That God created you and is you.

The Bible and everything about it is true.  We somehow get so lost in the illusion of this thing that we call reality that we forget this somehow and infinitely keep living in a loop.

The main teaching of how to get back here to the present moment and unity of being one is to remember that the truth is all there is.  The truth will set you free.  The truth is the answer to coming back into the present moment of unity with yourself what you call God.

The complication of the Bible occurred a…