Sunday, January 7, 2001

Macrocosmic and Microcosmic Consciousness of Reality

On 1/7/17 at 3:33 AM I opened my eyes from a vision or another point of insight.  This phenomenon is significantly different from what we understand as dreams. I am writing this with sincerity because the insight was very profound to me and I hope and pray that it will somehow benefit others seeking the truth.

Well what is this "Mandela" effect and how does it work?  What is Deja Vu?  What are dreams?  Astral projection?  Lucid dreams?  What is going on and how are they related?

For the record I am only using the phrase "Mandela" effect as a recent reference to people recalling different objects, people, events, time-lines and circumstances with often conflicting properties and details.  The primary example is some people claiming that they remember noted civil rights (a state granted right is a joke in itself) so I should use the proper term human rights activist Nelson Mandela as being alive or deceased in different or opposing ways.

The word Universe literally means "one song".  What we call reality is literally an energy or thought form created by your higher self.  This thought form is fractured into an infinite number of conscious minds all unaware of their own co-existence.  Each one of these minds or souls is living in a microcosmic version of the ultimate reality created by the higher self which is in turn created by a higher self leading essentially to an omnipotent most high creator.  Clear as mud I guess that was.

The symbolism in the time and date of my personal discovery (news to me)  has a profound meaning in itself to me; 3:33 AM on 1/7/17 or 333 1717.  Well anyway that is more than likely some type of affirmation or marker such as leaving breadcrumbs to find your way back home to our ultimate creator the most high. Landmarks of significant events if you will.

So the deal is we or some of us (minds or souls) have "crossed over" into other realities.  This is either willful in some cases where a previous reality became unbearable for whatever reason or perhaps consciously by a soul traveler curious about other dimensions or by accident.  Whatever the reasons for the phenomenon.  Even though we are all one and part of an ultimate reality we can experience other mind's or soul's realities or microcosms by crossing over into them.  Near death experiences, severe depression, trauma etc. are possible ways this happens as well.

When this occurs the unaware new mind (soul) is now in a new reality that is slightly different than the former reality that they previously manifested in which in turn leaves the mind (soul) aware that something is "off" but ultimately the unconscious mind or soul remains unaware until he "wakes" up that they are in all practical ways essentially in the equivalent of another dream.  In essence this is what dreams are as well and can happen when you wake up in a dream (lucid dreaming).  This also occurs with the "Out of body" experiences and astral projection are examples of altered forms of consciousness where that mind or soul temporarily separates from its assigned body in a given physical reality or microcosm.  Bear in mind (no pun intended) that these alternate realities are all existing in one mind of the higher self.  This is one of the reasons that we sleep approximately 1/3 of our lives.  For example a 60 year old person would have spent 20 years in other realities and 40 years in this one or basically the Fibonacci sequence 20, 40, 60.

What is Deja Vu?  Well Deja Vu is the semi-conscious observance of identical events that occur across multiple realities that you are essentially remembering as it is all part of one song or one macro cosmic consciousness.  I am obviously not the first person to discover this information.  I guess I just became aware of something I have always known.

What is this Mandela effect, it is the people partially "waking up" in new realities noticing the subtle differences than where they originally came from but unaware of the ultimate reality created by their higher mind (the macrocosm or universe or multiverse) and that they are experiencing a microcosm.  More than likely the same applies in the microcosmic universal consciousness at even lower levels all unaware of its preceding and relatively "higher" mind .  As above so below.

I am being sincere in presenting this information as it has been a profound awakening or moment of insight for me. The breadcrumbs are just mile markers or synchronistic events you left for yourself and the other fractured little minds or souls living in their own consciousness or dreams unaware of the existence of others or that they are part of one consciousness holding it all together.  I believe more people are awakening because this particular subset of the ultimate realty or age as it is called is coming to an end. I believe our choices made during this age directly impact what occurs to us at the end of this age.  We in the end choose to simply fold over into another reality which is basically recycling your unconscious soul or rejoining the ultimate reality of the higher self.

You will not live this life again which is a flaw of the concept of reincarnation.  A saved being,  conscious via receiving the holy spirit also known as the comforter spirit presence of the most high creator will return to its higher self pure form.  At that end of the age,  judgement is a reflection of all the things the individual soul or carnal mind did while incarnated.  We are ultimately held accountable for what we have done in each incarnation or microcosmic reality or age.  Clearly a low vibrating person whose actions and deeds are excessively "bad" or a "sinful" person is in no way shape or form fit for the presence of the most high or higher self and would essentially remain un-ascended or unaware of their mundane feeble existence doomed to suffer a similar fate in another reality never leaving the loop of dreams all together or to ascend essentially remaining in another "hell" or in our "fallen" or fractured state cut off from the higher self or most high creator conscious or ultimate consciousness.  To remain unaware of the ultimate existence of the higher self or higher consciousness is how we literally "fell" and remain "fallen".

This is essentially what the story of Adam and Eve tells us. They essentially fell into and woke up in a lower form physical body now only aware of itself and often arrogantly professing this profound state of ignorance as ultimate fact crudely defining what is or is not real based on its limited feeble tactile facilities.   In the end it is a choice to remain in this state of carnal or natural consciousness native to the physical form or "lower self".

Of course this is theory. In truth "science" is the embodiment of our lower self.  "Science" and its follower naively yet arrogantly stand on the roof tops and triumph the scientific method of Hypothesis, Theory and Fact to essentially prove the existence of a concept,idea or thing to the carnal mind of the lower self.  This carnal mind requires taste, touch, smell, sight or hearing to prove it exist in it's fallen microcosm. It is a sad conundrum that leaves us more often than not in a quandary. We know that gravity, magnetism and electricity exist although we can not currently sufficiently explain the true mechanisms of their existence of the former and no one has ever "seen" an electron.

In short I am not aware of how I could prove the existence of sight through words or draw sound; our mind has a very limited concept or ability to conceive of its higher self or spirit. Yet as the mind (soul) is aware of the body the spirit is to the soul or mind.  We are ultimately aware that we exist as a body with our mind. As our body is tied to our mind it is not aware of its existence as our soul or mind is not aware of the spirit manifesting through it in a physical world. As above so below.  So there you go, good morning...wake up!