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Macrocosmic and Microcosmic Consciousness of Reality

On 1/7/17 at 3:33 AM I opened my eyes from a vision or another point of insight.  This phenomenon is significantly different from what we understand as dreams. I am writing this with sincerity because the insight was very profound to me and I hope and pray that it will somehow benefit others seeking the truth.

Well what is this "Mandela" effect and how does it work?  What is Deja Vu?  What are dreams?  Astral projection?  Lucid dreams?  What is going on and how are they related?

For the record I am only using the phrase "Mandela" effect as a recent reference to people recalling different objects, people, events, time-lines and circumstances with often conflicting properties and details.  The primary example is some people claiming that they remember noted civil rights (a state granted right is a joke in itself) so I should use the proper term human rights activist Nelson Mandela as being alive or deceased in different or opposing ways.

The word Universe literally …