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Happy New Year

Ahhh it is another New Year!  I am thankful to the most high for everything.  I just moved and am in the process of revamping my studio.  I am hoping to have everything back up and running by the end of next week.  I have a lot of work ahead with cleaning the space, sound-proofing and I need to upgrade the main PC to accommodate 1080p HD video. I am also allocating space for video production as well.  Fun eh?

I have been producing a local singer-songwriter which has been going well.  In addition to production and engineering, I am playing drums and percussion on all the tracks, keyboards, bass on most tracks and some guitar synth in spots. It is mostly classic rock.  If you are interested in production services, please email me.

I have been recording some of my own tracks as well; mostly instrumentals.  I will post up some of the demos soon.